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How do you improved on one of the most effective and customer-friendly 1/8th buggies on the market? You beef it up, toss in a healthy dose of adrenaline, make it more responsive and extra-durable! The Lightning 2 Pro features all of the most-requested upgrades and options that owners of the original Lightning have requested, as well as specific upgrades to the Lightning 2 platform. It features strong aircraft-grade CNC-machined aluminium, a new paint scheme, tuning sway bars front and rear, improved differentials and more! Starting with the front end, we've upgraded the shock tower to beefy 4mm thick 7075-series aluminium. The drivetrain efficiency and suspension performance is improved with CVA axles. You also get a pair of quality aluminium shock absorbers with stiff shock springs, complete with a rubber boot to keep things clean and clear between rebuilds. 3.5mm shock shafts resist bending and breaking in even the roughest crash. 22 degree hub carriers are set at the optimum angle for perfect off-road performance. A heavy duty hardened differential featuring spiral-cut 'worm' gears puts the power out to the front wheels. To improve efficiency even further we added a front CVA centre shaft! Making fine-tuning a breeze is the standard front sway bar.

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