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Tamiya 44044 NDF-01 Nitro Force
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Tamiya 44044 NDF-01 Nitro Force

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The Nitro Force is a high performance assembly glow engine buggy featuring an impressive low aerodynamic form and thrilling top speeds. Solid chassis frame, double wishbone suspension, shaft-drive 4WD drive train, recoil start 2.5cc engine and tarmac tires ensures high speed buggy thrills and excitement. With the NDF-01 chassis designed to be used on both off-road dirt tracks and on-road tarmac circuits, the Nitro Force gives you the exciting buggy running that you have been looking for. Powerful High Speed Performance High Powered FR-15S Glow-Engine Nitro Force is propelled by the high power .15 size (2.5cc) FR-15S Glow-Engine with a rear exhaust layout. The slide carburetor couples with fully adjustable settings including needle valve (for high engine RPM), slow needle (for low to mid RPM) and idle adjustment screw. Controlled braking at top speeds is made possible thanks to an easy to control disk brake based braking system. Employing a recoil starter, this high performance buggy will give you a clean start every time. Shaft-drive 4WD NDF-01 Chassis For durability the NDF-01 chassis features a reinforced resin frame with die-cast aluminum engine mount. Engine, fuel tank and main heavy parts have been located as close to the center and as low as possible for optimum center of gravity. 4 wheel independent double wishbone suspension comes with oil filled dampers and extra long suspension arms for smooth riding and maximum handling performance.

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