Start BMI 2148 Charger + Balancer PRO 8
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BMI 2148 Charger   Balancer PRO 8
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BMI 2148 Charger + Balancer PRO 8

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BMI Charger + Balancer PRO 8 (2148) PRO-8 Charger BalancerMicroprocessor controlled high-performance digital rapid charger/discharger forNiCd, NiMH, Li-poly and Pb batteries. Designed to maintain your battery at its best conditionTechnical specificationsCharge 0,1~7 ACharge & Discharge 1~5 cyclesCooling YesInput Power 11~18 VIntern geheugen 10LiPo cellen 1~8Model PRO-8Multi Conn. IncludedNiMH & NC cellen 1~27Ontlaadstroom 0,1~5 AOutput Power 0,1~7 APb Batterij 6V-12V-24VTemp. sensor Yes USB Yes DC entry. • Charge/discharge current up to 7A. • 10 data memory. • 1~8 series Li-ion/poly. • 1~27 cells NiCd/NiMH with adjustable Delta-peak sensitivity (mV). • 6,12 and 24V lead acid (Pd) batteries. • 3-8 cell balance mode. • 1-5 charge/discharge cycles. • Microprocessor controlled. • Efficient cooling system with automatic cooling fan. • Temperature cut-off. • "Auto" function; every program is controlled in order to prevent every possible error so it guarantees a maximum safety. • Operating program upgrade; the operating program can easily be upgraded through the external port • Upload of data is possible via the integrated USB port. An USB cable and software are included. You can monitor all the important parameters (Volt, Amperage, cell per cell status of LiPo batteries, ...) on your pc. • Input power monitor: the input voltage is always monitored. If it drops below the lower limit the process will be ended automatically. • Capacity limit: if preset, the process will be terminated automatically. • Various cables are included in the packaging

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